Control Valve Hands-On Training

State-of-the-art mobile water distribution system lab.

Class size is limited to 20 operators per day. This is a hands-on class intended for operators that work with control valves.

12/7Kalama, WAExpo Building
110 W. Marine Drive
Kalama, WA 98625
12/8Kalama, WAExpo Building
110 W. Marine Drive
Kalama, WA 98625
12/14 City of Fairview48 First Street, Fairview, OR
12/15 City of Fairview 48 First Street, Fairview, OR
12/21Linn County Expo Center3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany, OR
Week of 12/6Southwest WashingtonTBD

We Come To You

Receive hands-on training from product experts; learn how to set and adjust pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, and altitude valves; and gain valuable troubleshooting knowledge using 100 psi
of real water pressure in a safe and controlled environment.

Water Loss & Pressure Management

Our mobile training lab allows you to see how control valves can solve common system issues of over/under pressurization, excessive water leakage, inadequate storage tank turn over, cavitation, water hammer and surge.


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Hands-On Training

Learn how to assemble, set and troubleshoot pressure reducing and pressure sustaining valves. Upstream and downstream pressure gauges allow for quick confirmation of successful pilot settings. Advanced NRW Non Revenue Water water loss reduction through pressure management demonstration show utilities the associated cost reduction of implementing a pressure management program.

Learn about level control with a One Way Flow Altitude Valve Model A106-Type 2 installed at the base of a 12’ high water storage tank. Experience the precise level control from a properly installed and maintained control valve, tank turnover, and ease of maintenance.

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Training Seminar Agenda

8:00Welcome, Introductions and Agenda
8:10Mueller – SingerTM Past, Present, Future
8:15Hydraulic Fundamentals Overview
8:30Main Valve Body Basics
8:35Important Control Valve Features & Functionality
9:00Diaphragm Technology
9:10Introduction to a Pilot System
9:20Pressure Reducing Valves Model 106-PR
9:35How to Read and Understand a Control Valve Pilot Schematic
9:45Pressure Sustaining / Relief Valves Model 106-RPS
9:55Pilot System Options
10:00Starting up a new valve - How To Commission a New Valve
10:10Troubleshooting valves- Open, Close & Modulate Issues & Concerns
10:20Preventative Maintenance
10:25Metro H2O - Sizing Guide
10:40Hands – On Distribution System Lab Overview
10:50Assemble 2" Model 106-PG Main Valve Body
11:10Hands on - Lab Work build and Commission 2" Model 106-RPS Pressure Sustaining Valve
11:55Cavitation Demonstration
1:00Hands on - Lab Work build and Commission 2" Model 106-PR Pressure Reducing Valve
1:30Hands on - Lab Work Trouble Shoot 2" Model 106-PR Pressure Reducing Valve
2:306" Model S106-PR Single Rolling Diaphragm Demo
2:45Build and Commission 2" Model 106-PR-R Combination Pressure Reducing & Sustaining Valve
3:20Demo- 2" Model 106-A-Type 2 One Way Flow Altitude Level Control Valve
3:40Demo Hydro-Guard HG-2 Flushing System
4:00Course Completed