Sewer Systems

Why Master Meter?

Master Meter is Accurate

  • Ultrasonic meter technology: No moving parts to wear over time that cause premature decay or failure to the meter, thus reducing repair and maintenance expenses over the life of the meter.
  •  The Sonata and Octave meters provide a meter accuracy guarantee for the life of the meter, thus maximizing revenue over the normal flow range of the meter.
  • The lowest flow range in the industry to capture customer side leakage flow and enable a utility to maximize revenue.

Master Meter is Reliable

  • Every meter is tested for meter accuracy before shipment
  • Fully automated manufacturing process to ensure quality
  • Meter and radio are enclosed within the body of the meter preventing premature damage due to external elements

    Master Meter is Dependable

    • Manufacturing processes meet a variety of ISO and MIL standards
    • Meter meets AWWA standards C700, C708, and C715-18
    • Return rate less than one tenth of a percent (0.1%)

      Master Meter is Informative

      • All meters provide information codes (alarms) that alert operators and customers to address faulty conditions. Info Codes include LEAK, BURST, REVERSE, DRY, and TAMPER.
      • Meters provide the above codes plus low battery indicator, ambient temperature limits, and an Info Code for when volume is above maximum flow of the meter.

        Other Considerations

        • State of the art web based MDM system.
        • Will work with ANY other meter system.
        • Less waste while rolling out an AMR or AMI system
        • Instant boost in revenue

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