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Why Kamstrup?

Kamstrup is Accurate

  • Ultrasonic meter technology: No moving parts to wear over time that cause premature decay or failure to the meter, thus reducing repair and maintenance expenses over the life of the meter.
  • Kamstrup flowIQ® meters provide a meter accuracy guarantee for the life of the meter, thus maximizing revenue over the normal flow range of the meter.
  • Lowest flow range in the industry (beginning at 0.01 GPM) to capture leakage flow and enable a utility to maximize revenue.
  • The ONLY water meter that has integral acoustical leak detection inside the meter. Other vendor need to add an acoustical sensor at each metering point and their batteries only last for 5 years.

Kamstrup is Reliable

  • Every meter is tested for meter accuracy before shipment
  • Fully automated manufacturing process to ensure quality
  • Meter and radio are enclosed within the body of the meter preventing premature damage due to external elements

Kamstrup is Dependable

  • Manufacturing processes meet a variety of ISO and MIL standards
  • Meter meets AWWA standards C700, C708, and C715-18
  • Return rate less than one tenth of a percent (0.1%)

Kamstrup is Informative

  • AMI meters provide information codes (alarms) that alert operators and customers to address faulty conditions. Info Codes include LEAK, BURST, REVERSE, DRY, and TAMPER.
  • Meters provide the above codes plus low battery indicator, ambient temperature limits, and an Info Code for when volume is above maximum flow of the meter.

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