Serving Water And Wastewater Utilities


Wastewater Process

BDP Industries
Screw Presses, Rotary Concentrators

Rotary Lobe Sludge Pumps Sludge Grinders

Submersible Mixers

Fine and Coarse Bubble Diffusers

S & N Airflo
Floating Brush Rotors

Wastewater Collection

Environment One
Low Pressure Sewer System & Grinder Pump Stations
5-year Warranty Grinder Pump Stations

Submersible Sewage Pumps

Primex/ICS Healy Ruff
Pump Control & SCADA

Mission Communications
Wireless Cellular Web-Based Telemetry

Tracom Fiberglass Products
Fiberglass Flumes and Metering Manholes

 Instrumentation For Water & Wastewater

ABB                                                                                         Magnetic Flowmeters, Pressure Transmitters, Full range of Wastewater Analyzers

ICS Healy Ruff                                                                               Pump Controls, SCADA, Level Sensors

Ultrasonic Level and Sludge Depth Sensors

Valmet Metso                                                                                Inline, Real – time High Solids Analyzers

Kuntze Instruments                                                                   Free and Total Chlorine Residual Analyzers

Primex/ICS Healy Ruff                                                                      Pump Controls, SCADA, Level Sensors

YSI                                                                                                  Process monitors and Sensors                                                       Ammonium, BOD,COD,Chloride, DO, Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate  pH, TOC, TSS, Turbidity

Chlorination and Chemical Feed

Axiall Accu-Tab
Calcium Hypochlorite Systems

Free Total Chlorine Residual Analyzers
No Membranes

Chemical Metering Pumps and Systems

HDPE Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Injection Assemblies

Force Flow
Scales and Dilution Systems

Hydro Instruments                                                                    Gas Feed Systems                                                                                  

Robo Control                                                                                       Emergency Chlorine Valve Closures

Aquaflow                                                                                              Hydraulically actuated metering pumps

Water Distribution

Mission                                                                                          Cellular, Web-Based Tank and Well Control

Tracom                                                                                            FRP Buildings

 Water Treatment

AdEdge                                                                                                 Packaged and Engineered Water Treatment Plants Including Pressure Filters, Biological, and Ion Exchange

Delta Cooling Towers Inc.                                                               Stripping Towers for VOC Removal, pH Adjustment

Roberts Filter Group
Gravity and Pressure Filtration. Stainless Steel and Continuous Lateral Underdrains

Pax Water Technologies                                                              Reservoir mixers, Chlorine Maintenance Systems for Tanks,THM Removal Systems